Why You Should Not Purchase Facebook Likes

It is tempting to purchase “Likes” for your company or organization. The more “Likes” you have, the more legitimate your company appears, and the more your posts will be seen right? Wrong!

You have undoubtedly seen advertising claming to deliver Facebook Likes for your company. I still encounter companies that have either already purchased Facebook Likes, or are considering purchasing Likes from various sources. Here is why this is a bad Marketing move.

When you purchase Facebook Likes for your page critical metrics including Support and Engagement go down. Purchased Likes are either people being paid to “like” accounts, or fake accounts altogether. Either way, these people do not value your company or organization. The Likes you get are from spam or fake accounts, which violates Facebook’s user policy. (This means they can get banned and deleted.)

Facebook uses several algorithms which determine how often your posts appear in your fans’ Newsfeeds. If your content does not generate engagement, then it demotes your content. When you buy Facebook Likes, the percentage of people who engage with your content (which is likely not even everyone who organically liked your page) will shrink.

So, not only is buying Likes a waste of money, it actually harms your ability to reach your true fans.

Here is a video from Veritasium that does a great job explaining fake Likes on Facebook.

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