Why Open Source?

There are variety of good reasons to use open source technology when creating solutions for your business. Lower total cost of ownership (TCO): Using open source software yields a lower total cost of ownership when compared to closed source and proprietary alternatives. Shift developers from low-value work to high-value work: The easy problems have already […]

Popular Open Source Software

The term “open source” refers to software whose source code is freely available to download, edit, use and share. There are a large number of open source applications for desktops, servers, and mobile devices. While some of these free apps do not offer quite the same level of polished functionality as their commercial rivals, others […]

Open Source Resources

This is a showcase of the many websites and platforms where you can find openly licensed icons, fonts, image, tools and other resources. You can use them for any purpose, also commercial (some works have specific licenses that may require attribution, etc. so be sure to review each license). Images Unsplash Pexels Flickr Creative Commons […]